Pet Tech Pro Software (Features)

Pet Tech Pro is so simple to use.  If you can browse the internet, you can use Pet Tech Pro.


Pet Tech Pro gives you the standard features of other pet care management solutions, and much more including:

  • Occupancy management
  • Bookings management
  • Fee and optional extras management
  • Arrivals and departures management
  • Customer management
  • Payments management and reconciliations
  • Kennel allocation management
  • Pet care management
  • Vet management
  • Pet transport
  • Daily activities management
  • User management (manager and staff access levels)
  • Management reporting
  • All in one web site and data base
  • Australian support
  • Fast and easy step booking in and out systems
  • Pet id collars
  • Client pet sign out forms
  • Pet statistics
  • Staff system administration
  • Fast pet id in kennels
  • Detailed help menu
  • Easy to use payments list, and totals
  • Easy but detailed managers menu
  • Full manager configuration
  • Client and resort statistics
  • Financial analysis
  • Easy arrival & departure
  • Digital signatures
  • Sms functions
  • Email functions
  • Document managements
  • Staff managements
  • Staff time sheets
  • Easy pet housing
  • Upload vaccinations
  • Upload pet photo
  • Tablet and phone usable
  • MYOB export
  • Shop function
  • Barcode enabled
  • Inventory tracking
  • Pop up reminders
  • Panic button function
  • Easy discount
  • Waiting list

AND much much more……. to see these features first hand why not Demo Pet Tech Pro – HERE


Dynamic Kennel allocation

Using our ‘at a glance’ allocation chart with adjustable details covering your chosen period (e.g. the next three weeks) you can easily allocate or rearrange pets in kennels taking into account breed, family, temperament etc.

Pet transport

One or more vans can be controlled with ordered pickups and deliveries of animals.

Instant staff warnings

Automatically warns staff if they attempt to make bookings when the pet care facility is closed, vans are overloaded, etc.

Customer relationship management and marketing

Email some or all of your customers selected by pet type, booking dates, frequency etc. with personal email messages using templates.

Personalized contracts and confirmation letters

Each generated document uses the customer and the pets name as appropriate. It includes custom headers and footers for your logos and/or special messages.

Performance reports

View the changes in activity, extra and booking levels over time. Compare different periods.


Managers may add pet types, sizes, activities, extras, etc. and determine charge rates for them and/or staff checks lists as appropriate.


Any number of staff may be added to the system by managers, Public web pages can be updated and edited by staff and approved for publication by managers. All this can be done securely over the Internet using any Windows or Linux computer or laptop with Internet access and a web browser.

Forward planning

Allocate pets to kennels, plan van runs, plan price changes as far ahead of time as you wish and see them applied automatically when the time comes.

Pet Detect Collar Printing

Pet Tech Pro integrates with the industry-standard PetDetect collar printing system offering immediate and positive identification of any pet including pet’s name, kennel / run number, medication information, and much more.

Customization options

Pet Tech Pro gives you the option to customize your system to best suit what you do, this is done by our programmers at a discounted hourly rate.

Auto back up

As Pet Tech Pro is based on line meaning you do not have to do any backups as this is done for you by our advanced tech team and web hosting.

Conversion services

We at pet tech pro understand that you may be using other kennel software so we want to make the change over from your current system as easy as we can. So have our programmers do this for you. Have all your data and client information carried over from the system you are using to Pet Tech Pro. Talk to our great sales team for costs to do this.

Web site

As Pet Tech Pro is online it gives you the option to have your web site on the front of the system. This gives you great power to gain more clients and you will be able to update your own web site with ease. If you did not have a web site, with Pet Tech Pro you get one as it is on the front end of your system. The best part is that your staff will see your web site each day and this will give your staff more interest in your kennels and they can help you keep it updated.

Advanced managers menu

Pet Tech Pro gives you and your managers the access to change prices, add activities, add breeds, vets and much more and it is all so easy.

Local support

Pet Tech Pro is an Australian based system it has been designed by kennel owners for kennels. Pet Tech Pro has many options for you to choose from for support, we are contactable via web forum, e-mail, chat, phone and even on site support. Talk to your sales team about costs involved in support and what is included in the package.