Support and Training Fees

Note: 1hr free support and training is given to all clients when you buy PTP Software to help you get started.


A cost of 75% of your total monthly subscription per month, which includes 240 minutes of phone support each month (additional minutes charged at $7.00 per 6-minute block) and unlimited email and blog support.


A charge of $30 (exclusive of GST) for each 15 minute block of telephone consultation.


Off-site work, flights, accommodation, travel, parking, transit time and other expenses are to be paid by the client.
Note that any work 2 hrs or more outside of Brisbane incurs a minimum 8 hour charge.


NOTE: Support does not include training. Support does not include programming. Time will be charged in 15-minute blocks for phone support with no PTP Support Plan in force; a minimum of one 15-minute charge will apply for consultation under a quarter of an hour.


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Fees and Charges Conditions

1. All fees and charges are subject to change without notice to you or your business.
2. You agree to pay the fees and charges at the rates applicable to the current prices advertised on Coda Associates web site as of the date of payment is due regardless of the relevant rates:
(a) when you made the agreement for your software subscription(s) for the use of Pet Tech Pro.
(b) paid by you or your business under previous user agreements for the subscription of your Pet Tech Pro software/data base(s).