Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pet Tech Pro fully managed for me ?

Yes, That’s right. You have a team of system admins managing and monitoring your hosted high performance server and database 24/7/365, so your data is backed up multiple times daily, also weekly and once monthly to a remote storage facility located interstate for disaster recovery purposes, there’s full virus and spam filtering protection as standard in a state of the art network and data centre, all this working for your business while you are left alone to focus on running your business and not your computers and network hardware.

Our network boasts 99.9% uptime so your system is always available as long as you have an Internet connection. And it doesn’t need to be a high speed connection either.

*Having your system available securely over the web gives you much greater freedom in choosing when you work, and from where you work. You also get a great pet care management system which will help take your business productivity to the next level and really help drive efficiencies in your operations and customer service delivery.*

Pet Tech Pro is web-based software? What does that mean?

Web based software is software you use over the Internet using a web browser. That means no CD’s to install, no regular security patches and updates to download, and no upgrades you need to pay for.

Web based software is usually charged on a monthly subscription basis, providing an all-inclusive monthly fee that includes the cost of the hardware and infrastructure, software, the right to use the software, and all maintenance and support services are included in the monthly subscription fee.

Can i get my data when i want it?

Absolutely. Your data is yours and you retain free access to it at all times.

We can provide an export download or hard copy of your data upon request simply by submitting a support ticket. On request your data can be provided in hard copy on DVD media and forwarded via post.

Alternatively Pet Tech Pro has a facility for you to use to download your own backups of your Pet Tech Pro database.  This feature can be found on the CSV Reports & Backups page.

How do i pay my monthly subscription fee?

Upon signing up to Pet Tech Pro you will be sent a direct debit form. We ask that you complete this and return the direct debit form back to us. Upon us getting this form back we lodge this and arrange an automatic direct debit to come out of your nominated account each mouth with no hassle to you.  We do also have Pay Pal options available if you with to pay via visa card but please note additional charges will apply.

How does Pet Tech Pro measure up to other software?

Compared to other products, Pet Tech Pro just makes good business and operational sense, for many reasons:

* Pet Tech Pro is subscription based – You pay for the service on a monthly subscription basis. There are no upfront software purchase fees. You are not charged for upgrades. The cost of hosting, backups, fully redundant network / bandwidth connections, server maintenance and monitoring, security is all included in the simple monthly subscription. This makes for predictable easy-to-budget monthly costs.

* Pet Tech Pro is cost-effective. It brings the power of some of the most sophisticated pet care management software available within the reach of the average pet care operator. Consider the savings you will make by avoiding the need to buy and maintain expensive IT hardware, undertake constant periodic upgrades, ensure virus updates, scheduling and running and checking backups, UPS, operating system upgrades, downtime due to software upgrades, the time wasted through lack or unavailability of tech support in an Australia business friendly time zone. All of this cost becomes unnecessary and wasted, when it can instead be can be saved and applied to help power your business and achieve real productivity and efficiency. The result is real savings. The best part is: you just run your business, while we take care of the IT.

* No hassles software upgrades. We take care of all upgrades. With Pet Tech Pro you always get the latest software version and security updates automatically – it just happens – no need to spend time updating each of your computers. We’ll let you know when there’s an upgrade and what’s involved. Upgrades will always be scheduled for out of business hours to prevent impacts on our customers – your – access to Pet Tech Pro.

* Pet Tech Pro is secure – Pet Tech Pro offers your business data multiple layers of protection – industrial strength security of Raid 10 where your data is saved to multiple hard drives simultaneously, multiple daily backups, nighty backup, weekly backup, and monthly offsite backup to our remote interstate Network Attached Storage service for disaster recovery, as well as state of the art 24/7 monitoring and server hardware and software maintenance.

* Quick and easy to start using – After initial sign-up, we can help you set up and configure your system so it is compatible with the way your business functions today. We can help you setup users and permissions, help upload legacy data, and train your staff if required. And, anytime you have a question our support forum and technical support is available to help.

We walk the talk – we use Pet Tech Pro, My Pet Space and our other products ourselves and rely on them daily in our own boarding kennel and cattery operations. We designed and rely on Pet Tech Pro to get the work done faster and smarter.

What are the advantages of subscription based software?

The benefits of web based software services are increasingly recognized by the biggest players around – Microsoft in particular, itself once the king of the desktop / PC software market, will soon offer the Office Suite as an online service – Google, your online banking service, in fact all the major players are now doing business online and using online software to support that process.

Web based or not, Pet Tech Pro is simply a better way to run your pet care operation, as it taked the headaches out of managing your business information technology systems and data.

What if i experience internet connection problems ?

The reality is your PC hardware, such as hard drive or local backup systems. is more likely to experience critical failures than your phone or the Internet.

There are issues that can cause outages. For example, large operations are sometimes targets of Denial of Service (DOS) attacks or phone lines sometimes fail. The risk of something like this happening is much lower than the risk of a hardware failure on a local PC which is why Pet Tech Pro is such a good solution for kennels and animal care operations.

In the event of failure of phone lines, a PTP user can simply take their laptop to the nearest unaffected MacDonalds (or other wireless access point) and continue working there. If they want to stay at the office, they can use a basic low cost PAYG mobile broadband account as backup and can continue working with that.

Contrast that with the failure of your office machine or server – how long before you can get reliable qualified on site service, have machines fixed, maintained or upgraded, software reinstalled and setup. Or what if your hard drive fails and you then discover that your auto scheduled tape backups were not backing up correctly at all. Such events can devastate your business. Pet Tech Pro eliminates these risks to your business.

Pet Tech Pro takes care of these problems for you. With Pet Tech Pro you have a team of professionals dedicated to monitoring and maintaining your systems, ensuring they are available around the clock. every day of the year. Our network availability is 99.99% uptime. And should you have a problem there is a support network of people who use the system every day available to help.

So with the prudent addition of a low cost broadband account as a backup measure, Pet Tech Pro will greatly improve the security of your critical business systems, while at the same time improving productivity and efficiency of your business.

if you care about the continuity and data security of your business, Pet Tech Pro offers great advantages.