What our customers are saying about using Pet tech pro in their pet care business operation

After many years of struggling with an American kennel management program we did an extended trial of various systems from throughout the world before settling on Pet Tech Pro in mid 2012.

Our team has always found your system very easy to use and your support to be excellent (on those rare occasions when we needed it) we are particularly pleased with its ease of backup, its data integrity and its ability to be accessed externally.

The Team @ West Coast Pet Care Centre


 I have only been using the Pet Tech Pro system for about a month now but have found it to be very helpful. It has been an easy system to learn and understand. Information on both clients and their pets is easily accessible when needed. The graphs and statistics that relate to housing and the amount of pets that are booked in allow Samford Pet Resort to function smoothly.

Rachel Stuart (Reception) Samford Pet Resort


 I have been using ‘Pet Tech Pro’ for quite a while now and have found the ‘Pet Tech Pro’ program to be convenient and of great beneficial use. It is a brilliant product and by far one of the best programs I have worked with. The software is amazing due to the fact it is straight forward, easy to learn and very user friendly. All of this makes my job more pleasant and easier to keep track of all client Intel and day to day activities of the business. I would highly recommend ‘Pet Tech Pro’ to anyone looking for a smart and effective software program for the pet care industry.

Dr T Roberson. BVSc


 Pet Tech Pro has made my job as a receptionist a lot easier.Booking pets in and out is so straightforward and trouble-free.

Housing the pets for now and for future bookings is quick and simple just one click of the mouse.

The way Pet Tech Pro has been designed makes it so simple to teach new staff the program.

The way the invoice is set up with everything itemized makes it easier for the clients to understand what and how they have been charged.

The owners being able to pick what day and time for playtimes, walks etc makes it easier for the staff to know what they have to do each day.

The ease to print lists of daily medication, pets that need to be weighed, pets that need their own food, etc. makes it near impossible for anything to get missed.

Cassie (Reception) Northshore Pet Resort




All you need is an Internet connection and your business operations data is at your fingertips.

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