Our Mission and View


Mission statement

Our mission is to provide a fast and reliable service to our clients in giving them an up to date facility management system, fast support and an ever growing product to better their business. In doing this it will save our clients time and money by making their facility run more efficiently and effectively. The team behind Pet Tech Pro believe that through the use of this state of the art system will bring structure and a more professional image and service to the facility using this product and the pet industry.

Pet Tech Pro’s View

Our view is to grow Pet Tech Pro but to still be able to offer fast and reliable support. We expect Pet Tech Pro to expand to other countries and to other types of facilities as its features and uses become more functional and beneficial to other kinds of pet facilities. As Pet Tech Pro is a web based data base it is already well on its way to becoming software of the future as we start to see many large software systems turning to web data bases.