Pet Tech Pro users can, and are encouraged to access support for Pet Tech Pro via the support menu with in there Pet Tech Pro system.

Pet Tech Pro Customer Support Feature

Pet Tech Pro’s Customer Support page is a lightweight ‘forum’ which allows any clients of Pet Tech Pro to post questions or comments/replies to those questions. Questions can be linked to Pet Tech Pro help pages; you can create a question by invoking the Customer Support page directly or by clicking on the new ‘ADD a new support question’ button that you’ll now see at the bottom of our help pages. We hope that the Customer Support page will be an easy and efficient way for clients to ask questions about Pet Tech Pro in general or with regard to a particular help page topic; for other clients and CODA Associates staff to respond to those questions with advice/answers to questions; for our clients to share information on how they use Pet Tech Pro; and that, over time, the questions and answers linked to our help pages will organically add to the usefulness of the latter.

Questions, when created, can be designated as ‘private’; in which case they will be seen only by other users of your own Pet Tech Pro site and CODA Associates staff. Public questions will be visible to all clients of Pet Tech Pro.

Questions and comments can also be designated as ‘anonymous’, causing the identity of the poster to be hidden to all. Questions and comments that are not ‘anonymous’ will have the name of the originating user (taken from the ‘back end’ user management page) and the name of your organisation (taken from the ‘name’ variable at the top of your Resort Configuration page).

Further details on the new Customer Support page can be found on its Help page.

If you have a question about how to use Pet Tech Pro, or a question about the content of a Help page, or a support problem (something not working the way it should, etc), please use the new ‘Customer Support’ facility to ask that question. Our existing ‘Customer Requests’ page should be used only to post requests for additions or enhancements to Pet Tech Pro.

Pet Tech Pro Help Pages

On each page through out the Pet Tech Pro system you will find a Help icon. Once you click on the help icon it will open another window that will direct you to the Coda Support pages and automatically log you in  with your resorts details. Once in this section you will have access to Pet Tech Pro Help documentation and also Video Tutorials.  Remembers to watch out for links through to customer support questions as further discussion may have taken place from another user in the past that may help you with your question. if you cant find what your looking for in the Help Documentation create a new Customer Support questions and we will direct to get you on your way to solving your query.

 Contact info

Phone Support: 07 3289 6555 (charges may apply see below for pricing)
Urgent Support: 0417 995 010 (charges may apply see below for pricing)
Email:  (charges may apply see below for pricing)

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