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    The reality is your PC hardware, such as hard drive or local backup systems. is more likely to experience critical failures than your phone or the Internet.

    There are issues that can cause outages. For example, large operations are sometimes targets of Denial of Service (DOS) attacks or phone lines sometimes fail. The risk of something like this happening is much lower than the risk of a hardware failure on a local PC which is why Pet Tech Pro is such a good solution for kennels and animal care operations.

    In the event of failure of phone lines, a PTP user can simply take their laptop to the nearest unaffected MacDonalds (or other wireless access point) and continue working there. If they want to stay at the office, they can use a basic low cost PAYG mobile broadband account as backup and can continue working with that.

    Contrast that with the failure of your office machine or server – how long before you can get reliable qualified on site service, have machines fixed, maintained or upgraded, software reinstalled and setup. Or what if your hard drive fails and you then discover that your auto scheduled tape backups were not backing up correctly at all. Such events can devastate your business. Pet Tech Pro eliminates these risks to your business.

    Pet Tech Pro takes care of these problems for you. With Pet Tech Pro you have a team of professionals dedicated to monitoring and maintaining your systems, ensuring they are available around the clock. every day of the year. Our network availability is 99.99% uptime. And should you have a problem there is a support network of people who use the system every day available to help.

    So with the prudent addition of a low cost broadband account as a backup measure, Pet Tech Pro will greatly improve the security of your critical business systems, while at the same time improving productivity and efficiency of your business.

    if you care about the continuity and data security of your business, Pet Tech Pro offers great advantages.

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